Full and mono colour, even in the strangest shapes.
We do not have any trimmed page size limitations: hardback and paperback books, books with objects and colouring pads.

For children: bath books, pop-ups and board books

Produced with full conformity to EC standards and fully
tested in order to guardantee the safety of your children.

Board games

We can manufatcture any kind of board games, paper based and not, assembled with care and precision.

Box sets

Gathering components of different kind into a single box set is our daily routine. We can source and supply any kind of gadgets to make your box set more valuable and appealing.
We specialize in larger quantities and bespoke items, fully tested according to EU standards. 

Packaging, paper bags and tin boxes

We can manufatcture any kind of printed and die cut packaging; be it paper based and glued to plastic or made of various components that require care and precision in their assembly.